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The Gift That Keeps On Taking

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The Gift That Keeps On Taking
It's possible for a man to get fucked without ever having sex. Just ask a New York man, a doctor at a hospital where a female resident wanted to have a baby with her female partner. The man donated his sperm -- but, dumb, dumb, dumb -- failed to put an agreement about rights and responsibilities in writing. Now he's being held up for child support. Sophia Chang writes for Newsday:

...He took the unusual step of allowing his name to appear on the child's birth certificate because he thought it was in the child's "best interests that he would have an identity when he grew older," he said in court documents.

Before the mother, her partner and the child moved to Oregon in 1993, the man had contact with the child, he said. He also sent the child money, gifts and cards and letters signed "Dad" or "Daddy," and spoke to him by phone about seven times in the past 15 years.

That correspondence, coupled with an affidavit from the child stating that he "has never known anyone other than [the man] to be his father," is enough for a parental relationship, according to Herbst.

"The fact of the matter is that he held himself out as the child's father for 18 years until he asked for DNA testing," Herbst said.

When it comes to artificial insemination by a known donor, the best protections are to have everything in writing and "do your homework," said reproductive lawyer Melissa Brisman of Park Ridge, N.J.

"You can't be half a father, and half a not, under the law," she said.

But the man's trust was abused, his lawyer said.

"The doctor was told this is how it's going to be," Kelly said. "And 18 years later, you end up dealing with something that you didn't know you were going to deal with. Sometimes people aren't really thinking about the legal ramifications."

...The next step is a meeting with a support magistrate to determine the amount of child-support payments — if any — the man would have to pay until the child turns 21, Kelly said.

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