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There's No Negotiating With A Grizzly Bear

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There's No Negotiating With A Grizzly Bear
Or a mountain lion, or with some of the more savage humans on the planet -- those in Muslim countries.

Condoleezza Rice really thinks she's going to have some sort of reasonable negotiation with the Palestinians? Right. First, let's explore the general level of reasonableness in Muslim-based societies around the world. Most recently in the news there's Sudan, where thousands of people have taken to the streets, calling for British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons to be shot for insulting Islam."

Yes, this hardened criminal let her classroom name a teddy bear, not quite comprehending how many Sudanese Muslim adults have emotional evolution of a rage-filled six-year-old.


Our next stop is Iran, where use of the word "women" is now banned from TV:

The word 'women' must now be replaced on Iranian state television by 'family', reformist Norouz news agency reports.

In programmes broadcast throughout the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women last Sunday, Iranian state TV used the world family instead.

In recent weeks, Iran's Centre for the Participation of Women changed its name to the Centre for Family Matters.

Hey, women in Muslim countries have so few rights...why mention them at all?! Just chop them up and be on your way! Or sell them into sex slavery as children, a "crime" for which one girl, 18, was nearly sentenced to hang by an Iranian judge. (A human rights group intervened.)

Meanwhile, while we westerners are encouraged to show "tolerance" of those whose religion commands them to convert or kill all of us who don't share their beliefs, Muslims are waging a mob attack on a "suspected church":

About 30 self-appointed Islamic vigilantes are alleged to have raided a house suspected to be a Christian place of worship in Citeureup Village of Bandung in the Indonesian province of West Java, on Monday.

A "suspected church"? Is that like running a suspected meth lab or being a suspected child molester?

Of course, child sexual abuse is a serious crime in western society, but it is and has been common in Muslim societies -- from Mohammed's 9-year-old wife to the boys the Taliban turn into fuck toys.

Things do change, however -- once one of their playthings grows a little facial hair. Here's an example of how friendly Islam is to adult homosexuals:

Last month two gay men in the Saudi city of Al-Bahah were convicted of sodomy and sentenced to 7,000 lashes each.

..."In the sentence a judge will specify three things: One, the amount of lashes; two, whether the flogging will be held in the prison or publicly; and third, what portions are to be administered at one time," Wilcke said. "No more than 60 to 70 lashes are administered at any one time with usually one to two weeks between floggings. Women will get 10 to 30 lashings a week; a man might get 50 to 60 per week."

If a complete sentence was administered at once, the accused could potentially die. Doctors in Saudi Arabia examine prisoners before each flogging to determine if they are healthy enough to withstand the lashes.

In 1993, British citizen Gavin Sherrard-Smith received 50 lashes for allegedly breaking an alcohol ban in the Gulf country of Qatar.

He recently recounted his punishment in the Daily Mail, saying, "The blows were raining down on my body, from the shoulder blades to the calves, then back up again. But with each blow, the skin softened and the pain grew and grew to the point that my whole back felt like it was on fire. Soon it was unbearable, but they kept coming, mostly on my left shoulder and calf. I had to summon up all my control not to move. I didn't realize the human body could generate and tolerate such pain. I had never felt anything like it before, and I hope I will never feel anything like it again."

Lashing is a common penalty under Wahabi interpretations of sharia law, the Islamic religious laws that underpin the legal systems in Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

And finally, here's an excerpt from an NRO interview with Carolyn Glick, a senior Middle East fellow at the Center for Security Policy:

...In the interests of bringing about the declaration of a sovereign state of Palestine, Rice and her associates are advancing policies that smack of moral dementia. They insist that Israel make security concessions to Fatah, release Fatah terrorists from prison, and arm Fatah militias. They insist that Israel transfer hundreds of millions of dollars to Abbas's bank accounts in the interest of promoting peace in spite of the fact that Abbas and Fayad transfer those funds to Hamas and Fatah terror operatives.

Is Rice really the Secretary of State -- or some small-town real estate agent's bubble-headed secretary?