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Respect Is Supposed To Go Both Ways

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Respect Is Supposed To Go Both Ways
Sarkozy was slated to visit Saudi Arabia on Sunday, and a Saudi official called on Sarko to leave his foxy girlfriend home out of "respect" for their culture.

Amazing how respect for culture goes one way; as in, when's the last time you heard a Muslim leader calling on Muslims to respect westerners or western culture -- for starters, in the most fundamental way, by not blowing westerners up?

And then, there are all the Muslim cabbies in Minneapolis, licensed by the city, who won't carry people with dogs -- not even blind people with Seeing Eye dogs -- or passengers with bottles of alcohol.

And then there's the pandering to Muslims with a bill in the U.S. Senate to serve Halal food in schools in New York City.

And how about how taxpayer dollars going to building Muslim footbaths at the University of Michigan?

And don't forget trying out a little slave-rape -- which doesn't go over quite as well in America as in does back in Islamic lands.

While we're on the issue of respect, how about you Saudis respect our culture, and our separation of church (and mosque) and state, and especially, our right to keep on living -- and if you can't deal, stay in that backward, sharia-ruled land of yours that so much better suits your needs.

Personally, I'd rather see Carla Bruni any day than one of the Saudi women in their head-to-toe tents, wishing they could drive and have rights beyond that of a dog.

Hey, Saudis...maybe you should respect your own culture a little less, huh?