Love Letters

Letters to the Advice Goddess

"Your advice made me want to shove a stiletto heel up your ass."
--Name withheld, Tampa

"Your response to "Gaping Wound" had me on the floor in the local coffee shop! (On the money, too.)"

"I'm a psychotherapist in Grand Rapids, MI and I read your column whenever I can. I wanted to pass on that I enjoy your work and am impressed with the solid advice you give. I have saved several of your columns and read them to clients when appropriate. I hope you have no objections, I do credit you as the source."

"You are, pardon the expression, a fucking funny writer."

"I did in fact show our exchange to my psychiatrist. He was favorably impressed with your reply....which he transcribed to his note pad."
•"Hey, Alkali Amy,
Hope you get your bitter rocks off in your column, at least incrementally (sic) weak by week -- so you can sometime look forward to a more likable you. The acidity that bleeds out of your offal is ultimately more sad than anything. Because once in a while you slip and give off a fleeting whiff of compassion. To better ways and better days,"

--L.C., Spokane, WA

"Perhaps your quick wit and verbal shaking will make some people wake up about their nowhere relationships. Hang in there and keep those hilarious columns coming."


"I am a grad student/TA at the University of South Florida. Your column should be required reading for women of all ages."

•"As a Clinical Psychologist who does a great deal of work with couples and with individuals in relationships, I come across the kind of issues I see in letters to you all the time. This is just a simple letter of praise for some of the most right-on, level-headed, good-hearted words on the subject I've ever seen. I just though you might like to know there's someone out here in the field who enjoys the way you write and respects the way you think. More power to you."


"On a day when nothing went right and everything went wrong, thanks for making me laugh."

--Woman from LA