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Private Session with Amy

Therapists earn their living by failing you every week. I'm not that kind of girl. My goal is to make you go away fast -- with a solution to your problem, insight into what's causing it, and practical actions for you to take so you can stop messing up your life and maybe even get what you want.

No, I'm not a licensed therapist, doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I'm a smart girl who thinks a lot and reads a lot (books and the latest research in psychology, anthropology, and related areas), and who uses reason to solve people's emotional problems.

What qualifies me? Read my column and decide whether you think I can help you with my cut-the-crap, science-based advice. As the late co-founder of cognitive behavioral therapy, Albert Ellis, once wrote to me, about the thinking behind my work, "I find you saner than most of the therapists I know."

Here's to solving your problem! -Amy Alkon

Session Details

•You'll send me a detailed e-mail describing your problem and your desired outcome.

•Your actual session will take place over the phone or on Skype, which you can download free at the link. On Skype, you choose -- Skype audio or audio/video and/or text.

•It's likely I'll e-mail you information during or after the session with links, book suggestions or other types of reinforcement of what I've told you.

Session Price: $125 for an hour, payable in advance via PayPal at the "Buy Now" button just below. Just click to start solving your problems!